• A Plumbers Life

    It's a blessing more often than not :
    being able to fix that which daunts many and disturbs their sanctuary.

    March 13, 2019 · leaks,value
    Today a lady in Kilsyth called with water leaking inside the cavity of a brick wall. She was worried about damage to the house, of course. After removing a brick or two the leak almost became a garden feature! There was a crack in a brass fitting that needed replacing. She was relieved it was...
    March 12, 2019 · googlereview,Kitchen,Rough-in,fit-out,laundry
    Client : When doing a total rebuild of our kitchen and laundry I was lucky enough to find John Willis. He quoted the work fairly, which would involve 2 rough ins and 2 fit offs. He had to fit around my schedule and find solutions to any problems that I presented to him, without fuss. He was...
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